OKEY - Copper Based Fertilization Solution

Okey is a solution developed in the USA using advanced technology. It consists %3 water soluable copper as its active substince. Copper along with sulphur and lime are the oldest elements in the history known to have antibacterial and antifungal effects.

The types of copper used to date are composed of components with large molecules like copper sulfate or copper oxyclorur. Clasically used components made of copper are not able to enter into plants' leaves both because of their forms and their large molocules which makes them effective only on the surface.

The View of Copper Element with Electron Microscope

Copper on a plant with Okey

Copper on a plant without Okey

Copper on a plant with Okey

Copper on a plant without Okey

OKEY is produced via tribomechanical activation which is harmless to environment and human health. With this technology, copper element is transformed into very small particles. These small particles are able to enter into the leaves wihtout any chelation.

OKEY is sistemically effective which is why it can be applied both to the ground and the plant itself.

OKEY moves rapidly and interpenetrates all parts of the plant having protective and healing effects on it within few hours following its application.

OKEY increases photosynthesis efficiency, health, productivity and immune system of the plant.

OKEY does not ruin the soil form and its components unlike other products which contain Hydrogen Peroxide.


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How to use this product?

Okey usage instructions and dosages

Vegetable, fruit, olive, rice, vineyard, seedbed and hanging seed plots

Spray with a pomp: 200 cc / 100 liters of water

Drip irigation : 500 cc / da

Application on soil : 1 liter of water/ da